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Super 2NC無法連結或只有單耳有聲音?如何重置耳機?How to reset Earbuds?*Super 2NC

重製方式,請照以下方式操作或參考說明書第11頁 1.刪除耳機與手機的配對 2.將耳機關機 (長按多功能鍵5-6秒, 直到紅燈閃起後熄滅完成關機) 3.再次長按多功能鍵盤數秒, 請忽略過程中間紅白燈慢閃, 繼續長按直到紅白燈快閃手放開 4.在紅白燈快閃狀況下, 分別輕觸多功能鍵5下,直到快閃結束熄燈, 完成重置 5.將耳機放入充電盒, 重新取出配對 參考影片 Reference video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CRcE4IByL1ILyzJJQ8SSTaou0KaHd_f7/view?usp=sharing 1. Delete the pairing between the headset and the mobile phone
2. Turn off the headset (long press the multi-function button for 5-6 seconds, until the red light flashes and then turns off to complete the shutdown)
3. Press and hold the multi-function keyboard again for a few seconds, please ignore the slow flashing of the red and white lights in the process, continue to press until the red and white lights flash quickly, release your hand
4. When the red and white lights are flashing quickly, tap the multi-function button 5 times until the flashing ends and the lights are turned off, and the reset is completed
5. Put the headset into the charging box and take out the pairing again

遇耳塞尺寸不合,更換耳塞注意事項? What should I pay attention to when replacing earplugs if the size of earplugs is not suitable?

Super 2NC 耳塞為客製爾塞耳翼一體化設計, 區分左耳與右耳耳塞 安裝耳塞時,請先將舊的耳塞拔下, 然後將耳機朝上, 你會看見耳機中間有個麥克風孔位(如下方圖左邊小紅圈處), 再將合適的耳塞有開孔的那一方朝上 (如下圖右側大紅圈所示) , 兩者皆朝正確方向後, 予以結合套入, 即完成耳塞安裝 When installimg the earplugs, please remove the old earplugs first, and then turn the earphones upwards. You will see a microphone hole in the middle of the earphones (the small red circle on the left in the picture below), and then select the appropriate earplugs that the hole side is facing upwards ( the big red circle on the right side of the picture below), and both are facing the correct direction, then combine and insert the earplugs to complete the earplug installation 正確安裝耳塞後, 耳塞開孔處會與耳機麥克風孔吻合對齊(如下圖), 正確安裝耳塞可避免耳塞遮擋麥克風口, 影響抗噪表現 After the earplugs are installed correctly, the hole of the earplugs will be aligned with the microphone hole of the headset (as shown in the figure below). Correctly installing the earplugs can prevent the earplugs from blocking the microphone and affect the anti-noise performance