Frequently Asked Questions/ Ego

Are you registered?

Yes, I am registered with Bedford Borough Council. Registration details will be made available to you during your meet and greet session.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am. Insurance details will be made available to you during your meet and greet session.

How can I be confident my dog will be happy at RoLo?

Upon successful registration, I will arrange for a meet and greet session as well as a trial overnight board if required.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?


Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes, it is a requirement for your dog to be fully vaccinated. On registration you will need to bring your vaccination card, I will take a photocopy for my records.

Do I pay more for bank/public holidays?

No, the prices detailed on the web site are for all year round.

What else do I need to bring?

Harness, lead, bedding, food.

Do you exercise the dogs?

Yes, your dog will have access to a fully enclosed garden as well as agreed exercise regime in the local area.

Will my dog be kept on a lead?

Yes, unless you have completed a disclaimer form, which will need to be done before every board.

My pet is on medication, what do I do?

I will store and administer the medication as per your vet’s instructions.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash or bank transfer.

Do you do a pick up/drop off service?

Yes, locally but there will be an additional charge.

Can I bring a toy?

Yes, provided it is Jack Russell proof – unfortunately my JR is a destroyer of toys!

Where will my dog sleep at night?

Downstairs in their own bed provided by yourself. Sleeping arrangements and whether segregation is required will be discussed during meet and greet.

Can I contact you to see how my dog is getting along?

Yes, of course you can. I will also send you regular updates/photos/videos during the board.

Frequently asked questions/ Super Ego/ Super Ego+Ed

我要如何聯繫你們? What's the support email address?


Contact Us:Truegoinfo@gmail.com
Customer Support:Truegosvc@gmail.com

請提供官方網站網址? What's the official Web?


請提供官方 Facebook? What's the official Facebook?


請提供官方影音 Youtube? What's the official Youtube?


請問售後保證期間? Do you have a warranty?

自購買日起, 網站與機場免稅通路憑"購買證明", 實體通路憑"發票及保證卡",保固一年, 敬請妥善保管發票至少一年, 或至代理商網站 www.chsoin.com.tw 登錄購買憑證資料, 免除發票遺失困擾 (購買日30天內上網登錄)

Yes! Our warranty lasts for 1 year

請問耳機支援哪幾種音頻解碼? What codecs are supported?

Super Ego 支援 aptx. AAC and SBC codecs.

Super Ego supported aptx. AAC and SBC codecs.

請問耳機單體規格? What's the specification of the monomer?

9.0mm 金屬客製單體

ultra- 9.0mm Metal Customized Monomer

請問晶片品牌與型號l? What's the chip model?

Qualcomm QCC3020

請問單個耳機的電池容量? 充電盒電池容量? What's the size of the battery in the earbuds and Charing Case?

耳機 75 mAh*2
充電盒 740mAh

Earbuds 75 mAh*2
Charing Case 740mAh

無法連結或只有單耳有聲音?如何重置耳機?How to reset Earbuds?

雙耳無法連結或只有單耳有聲音, 請重置耳機 注意:Super Ego與Super Ego+Ed 重置方法不同,分別說明如下 *Super Ego重製方式,請參考說明書第 12頁 1.刪除耳機與手機的配對 2.將耳機關機 (長按多功能鍵5-6秒, 直到紅燈閃起後熄滅完成關機) 3.再次長按多功能鍵盤數秒, 請忽略過程中間紅白燈慢閃, 繼續長按直到紅白燈快閃手放開 4.在紅白燈快閃狀況下, 分別輕觸多功能鍵5下,直到快閃結束熄燈, 完成重置 5.將耳機放入充電盒, 重新取出配對 參考影片: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hW4T43IPeQoOnM3QnfSH9Ml09zDWlW8B/view?usp=sharing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Super Ego+Ed重製方式 A.若無法配對請<簡易重置>,參考電子版說明書第12頁 (紙本13頁) https://zh.truegos.com/copy-of-super-ego-use-manual 1.將耳機放在充電盒內 2.分別或同時長按多功能鍵5秒, 直到白燈長亮約1秒後熄滅, 完成簡易重置 B. 若只有單耳有聲音,請<進階重置>,參考電子版說明書第6頁 (紙本第7頁) https://zh.truegos.com/copy-of-super-ego-use-manual 1.刪除耳機與手機的配對 2.將耳機關機 (長按多功能鍵5-6秒, 直到紅燈閃起後熄滅完成關機) 3.再次長按多功能鍵盤數秒, 請忽略過程中間紅白燈慢閃, 繼續長按直到紅白燈快閃手放開 4.在紅白燈快閃狀況下, 分別或同時輕觸雙耳多功能鍵5下,看到紅燈亮1秒後, 轉變為紅白燈慢閃, 當雙耳都進入紅白燈慢閃, 兩耳正在配對, 約5秒後熄燈, 配對成功完成重置 5.將耳機放入充電盒, 重新取出配對 參考影片: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bkf8VeSUYdesMLnuVh9H2Au29JAr79B6/view?usp=sharing