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Taiwan and Hong Kong start-up teams have worked together to create a new true wireless earbuds brand., the flagship product Super Ego has raised funds and hot sell in Taiwan and Hong Kong to exceed the NTD 5 million in 2020.the new Super 2NC duplex noise reduction extreme version will be launch in 2021, providing Hybrid ANC active noise cancellation -40dB to meet the needs of listening to music without interference in various noisy environments. 6 MEMS microphones and VNC technology (Voice Noise Cancellation), separate the voice and noise, even in noisy environments, you can talk comfortably. Coupled with a 13mm monomer the largest single speaker on the market, we would like to give you the ultimate noise-canceling earbuds with good sound quality, so that you can enjoy pure music and a good call experience in all kinds of disturbed and crowded worlds.


■ Information from the World Health Organization, young people are at high risk of hearing loss due to noise, the 50% of them turn on the headphones too loudly

■ For public transportation or outdoor of using earphones, the volume needs to be turned on louder to block external noise. If the volume exceeds 85dB, there is a potential risk of hearing loss

■ With the new technology ANC (active anti-noise), it emits reflected waves with the same frequency as the noise, cancels out the noise, and gives you a quiet listening environment


■ The ANC function will enter the stage of specification and quality comparison in 2021

■ Generally, the noise reduction of ANC is only -15dB, no difference can be heard

■ Advanced ANC noise reduction up to -25dB has become a universal standard

■ Super 2NC uses 6 microphones, Hybird dual detection noise reduction, plus physical noise reduction adjustment, creating -40d noise reduction results

■ With Super 2NC, you don’t need to turn on the volume to 60~80%, you only need to turn on 40%, and you can’t hear external noises, which really protects your hearing.


Sales Point

■ -40dB Hybird ANC hybrid dual detection active noise reduction

■ VNC+SVC separate voice and call noise cancellation

■ Audio Transparency Sound

■ Built-in 6 microphones for noise reduction

■ Taiwan REALTEK Semiconductor ANC chip

■ 13mm super dynamic coil, neodymium iron boron monomer

■  8 hrs playing by once charger| ANC On 7 hrs | 28hrs with charging box

■ The mobile phone is auto-pairing when you open the cover of the charger case regardless of iOS and Android

■ The left and right earbuds use independently, no distinction between main and sub

■ Bluetooth V5.1|Low Latency less than 0.1s|IPX5 waterproof

■ New pressure-sensitive full touch|Directly adjust the volume on the headset

■ The inclined earbuds design is comfortable to wear for a long time

■ The air vent adjustment avoids 【Stethoscope effect】

■ USB Type C port charging


■ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)

Used to listen to music, detect noise through several mics, actively send out reflected waves to offset and reduce background noise, enjoy pure and flawless music


■VNC (Voice Noise Cancellation)

Used in a call, the human voice and background noise are separated through several mics, and the noise reduction electronic circuit is used to eliminate the separated noise, so that the receiver party can hear the voice clearly


The standard ANC is a feed-forward microphone system, which has its limitations in noise reduction depth and bandwidth. In order to improve it, the new generation of Hybird ANC has feedforward and  feedback dual microphone system, the feedback mic can captrue the noise value entering the ear canal and sends it to the filter. then emits reflected waves to eliminate a lot of noise transmitted into the ears to obtain better results.


Using two MEMS high-resolution microphones, by the principle of geometric linearity to distinguish between human voice and background noise signals, with SVC (Separate Voice Capture)  the separated noise will be eliminated, so that the caller can hear Clear voice.


■Hybird ANC dual feed microphone system, to make up for the lack of feedforward

■New NR (Noise Cancellation) optimization system

■ improve physical sealing, better the closeness of earphones and ears, reduce sound leakage and filter high-frequency noise

■Taiwan Realtek Semiconductor creates excellent ANC performance


■Listen to ANC music noise cancellation ( please click below)

■Listen to VNC Voice noise cancellation ( please click below)

Note 1: ANC recorded noise value 60dB

Note 2: The first half is VNC off, second half VNC is On


The audio transparent function uses the MEMS microphone of the headset to amplify the sound of the external environment. Allows you to hear what is happening around you and have the conversations without having to remove Super 2NC from your ears. It is recommended that you use the audio transparent function, keep the volume at a level where you can hear the

surrounding environment, and pay attention to the surrounding environment, for example: Cycling in heavy traffic, Talk to people when listening to music


The power consumption performance of ANC noise reduction, coupled with the doubled number of microphones, is a severe challenge for true wireless headphones with a small size and limited battery space.


■13mm neodymium iron boron monomer, creating a vast sound field and sense of space

■Accurate positioning of various instruments to further strengthen the separation of music

■Create a dynamic surround effect, shocking and realistic sense of presence


■Open the cover and auto pairing regardless of Andorid, iOS system

■The left and right earbuds are swapped instantly, the intelligence does not distinguish between the main and the auxiliary, eliminating the need for the auxiliary ear to be paired with the mobile phone in advance

■Intelligent pressure-sensitive touch, no matter light touch or heavy pressure, which comprehensively enhances the true wireless and smooth control experience


Watching the movie, the action is neat, the dialogue is smooth, and there is no delay at all. Play mobile phone shooting games, after the bullet hits, the enemy's wailing sound is synchronized with the screen expression


The headphone ID is presented with a round bottom of convergence to bring out a trapezoidal head, the microphone was embedded into the Metal ornament and the dark black and rose to gold two-color perfect match. The overall appearance is exquisite texture and unique, the volume is only 2.6x2.4x2. 2cm visually compact, light and comfortable to wear.

■Suitable for Most Ear Types

Super 2NC is designed for the research of most human ear types, specially designed for inclined into ears with duckbill flat round ear tip, it improves physical noise resistance and reduces sound leakage, which not only has a good listening experience, It also creates an excellent wearing feeling.


After running for 30 minutes, the ear tips are well designed to bring the earphones closer to the ears. The Super 2NC is very comfortable in the ears. It can be worn for a long time without the feeling of stuffiness, pressure, and sagging. It is suitable for long-distance running.

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