主要業務為代理銷售3D掃描器無線週邊商品 ,中文名稱“謙受益”取自古語明訓,我們認為商業之道首在“謙信”,以此自勉之。英文名稱CH.Soin Business Co., Ltd,CH是Channel 通路的縮寫, Soin來自法語, 意味著謹慎、關懷和關注,亦即我們將為銷售品牌的通路夥伴以及喜愛品牌的消費者提供100%的服務。

CH.Soin Business Limited(CH.Soin)有志成為消費性3D掃描器與創新周邊配件的代理商品牌。我們將在新的一年裡陸續引進國際知名品牌及海外暢銷商品,介紹給台灣喜愛3D掃描產品的消費者。


憑藉我們良好的營銷技巧和與台灣主要零售商的夥伴關係,我們的產品將在下述實體與虛擬店面販售。台灣的銷售通路包括DFS機場免稅店、CE消費電子連鎖店、Life Style 設計居家商店、3D列印店 以及各大Online Shopping 電商通路,包括Pchome 24、Momo、Yahoo Shopping、Shopee 24、Citiesocial、Pinkoi等,為目標用戶推廣新品牌。


有鑑於募資平台迅速崛起, 本公司與台灣嘖嘖、香港集購平台、日本Makuade密切合作,已成功達成7個募資專案,並以開發與代理兩種路徑, 陸續提案創新商品中。


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● FB訊息 : http://m.me/chsoin.com.tw
● FB名稱 : 謙受益代理 REVOPOINT
● Line : @fno4565z
● 網站 : www.chsoin.com.tw

Line 客服: 週一至週五  10:00~22:00, 週六 12:00~18:00

CH.Soin Business Co., Ltd. was established in 2018,

The main business is acting as an agent for wireless peripherals and 3D scanner products. The Chinese name "modesty benefits" is taken from an ancient saying. We believe that "Honesty and humility" is the key to business. The English name is CH.Soin Business. CH is the abbreviation of Channel. Soin comes from French, which means prudence, care, and attention. That is to say, we will provide 100% service for channel partners who sell brands and consumers who love brands.

CH.Soin Business Limited (CH.Soin) aspires to become an agent brand of innovative peripheral accessories and 3D scanners in Taiwan. In the new year, we will gradually introduce well-known international brands and overseas best-selling products and introduce them to Taiwanese consumers who love 3C products.

Partnerships with major Taiwanese retailers

With our good marketing skills and partnerships with major retailers in Taiwan, our products are sold in physical and virtual stores. Taiwan's sales channels include DFS airport duty-free stores, CE consumer electronics chain stores, Life Style design home stores, 3D printing stores, and major Online Shopping e-commerce channels, including Pchome 24, Momo, Yahoo Shopping, Shopee 24, Citysocial, Pinkoi, etc. . CH.Soin has also established a solid partnership with major Audio channels to promote new brands for target users.

Crowdfunding Platform_Taiwan and International

In view of the rapid rise of crowdfunding platforms, the company has cooperated closely with Taiwan ZecZec, Hong Kong Searching C, and Japan Makuade. has successfully completed 7 crowdfunding projects, and has successively proposed innovative products through two paths of development and agency.